6 Weeks roadtrip from Miami to Seattle.

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Hi my road trip friends.

We have now been talking and looking in to a long road trip, and now we got it fixed with holiday from work.
What we want is if anybody can help with what to see and do, if there I a super road to drive where we see allot or a place where it is a must to stop, or just the best food around, to say it easy we are open to almost everything.

Our trips goes like this.

April 8 (Saturday) arriving in Miami airport around 4 pm.
Sunday 9 all day in Miami
Monday 10 drive to Key West in the morning and
Tuesday 11 the day in Key West and the drive towards Everglades but stopping on one island to sleep
Wednesday 12 drive the last from Keys till everglades south, maybe staying in Homestead?
Tuesday 13 Homestead and more everglades and then drive to Fort Meyers.
Friday 14 Fort Meyers to Tampa
Saturday 15 Tampa to Orlando.
Renting a house I Orlando so we have a 7 days I Orlando to do Disney, Universal studio, Cape Caravel, shopping and what more.
Saturday 22 drive out of Orlando and next stop New Orleans we are thinking about it will take 2 days.
Monday 24 arrive in New Orleans,
Tuesday 25 all day in New Orleans
Wednesday 26 drive towards Memphis, thinking about following Mississippi river
Tuesday 27 still towards Memphis, arrive afternoon.
Friday 28, All day I Memphis
Saturday 29 Drive to Nashville
Sunday 30 All day in Nashville
Monday 1 may Drive out of Nashville and next stop is Denver but don’t know if we should stop in St Louis, Kansas or go another way or is there things there that we need to spend time on?
Tuesday 4 may Arrive in Denver.
Friday 5 Denver all day
Saturday 6 Denver and then drive towards Mt. Rushmore
Sunday 7 Mt Rushmore and area, drive towards Yellowstone
Monday 8 Towards Yellowstone
Tuesday 9 Yellowstone, booked 3 nights at Ole Faithfull inn.
Friday 12 Out of Yellowstone and towards Seattle where we are ending the trip a week later.
Friday 19 may, Flight back home.

Hope anyone can and will help with info, it can be anything, a super hotel with a nice view, must see wild life park, a local fair or anything.

Locking forward till hear from anyone.



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