Apache Palms RV Park 9/10 – Tempe, Arizona


Our fourth spring stay at Apache Palms has remained remarkably consistent. The RV park is well maintained and the management is very friendly and accommodating. The park has revamped its WiFi with several transmission locations. When the WiFi worked, it was excellent; however, during our stay the company that actually provides the Internet service was constantly attempting to get the system to work reliably. On another note, more security seems to be in place at Apache Palms and that is much appreciated. The laundry and shower areas are well maintained. The same can be said for the pool and spa areas. Even though the pool is relatively small, the water temperature is perfect for just about any external temperature. What my wife and I look forward to is camaraderie among the people staying here. In the spring, many are visiting the area for spring training baseball, so you see banners supporting the Giants, Angels, Cubs, etc. Unlike other venues we’ve been to recently, the short term and long term occupants are very congenial. Hopefully we’ll be back again next year!
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