Campsite at Kid Valley west of Mt St Helens on the Toutle River.


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Campsite at Kid Valley west of Mt St Helens on the Toutle River.
4x4 camper van
Image by spelio
Arrived here on 11/09/16 and reserved a campsite, then headed up Mt St Helens see Michelin atlas and Galileo for place and times. The dates in the atlas were a day under. Incorrect!

The river became an exit for millions of tons of ash and glacier melt water after the 1980 eruption on Mt St Helen’s.

A trip well worth the 45mi winding gentle road up to the look outs and information stations. The first one is by Forestry, and covers the re-vegetation of the 100s of square miles of devastated forested slopes and mountains. They have some excellent movies and history of the eruptions, which are expanded upon in impressive stereophonic sound effects at the Johnston Ridge interpretive centre.

You all know the story, but is impressive to go over the details of rescues, geology, the three landslides that triggered the eruption and the reforestation and re-colonising of the blast areas by vegetation and wildlife

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Just found the Nat. Geo. map, “The Making of America”, Pacific Northwest, published with the magazine of August 1986, it shows the exploration and Indian Tribal areas of the region we covered in Matilda… I should have taken it with us! It was beside the bed ready to read before we left!
The map would have been a good reference to have as we travelled.
We didn’t have a lot of time at information centres and roadside historic viewpoints. Many were tricky to swerve off a fast road with a huge RV on our rear or a semi coming the other way.
The map shows all the points of interest we passed as we followed the main rail link from Kalispell, Thompson Falls, Sandpoint, Spokane, Moses Lake, Yakima, Mt. St Helens, Portland, Walla Walla, Lewiston, the Snake River, Kamiah, the Nez Perce, over the Bitterroot Range to Missoula and Whitefish.

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