July 1 – Welcome Home


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July 1 – Welcome Home
hippie Van camping
Image by cavale
July 1

We arrived in the early morning after a long drive down a country road in the pitch darkness with one gas station and a quarter tank of gas. We spent the night in the car, because I was so sleep-deprived by the time we got there that I was seeing things.

In the morning, we tried to hike up with a big group of people, but with our packs and our sleeping bag and our drum and my hula hoop, I just couldn’t handle it and I didn’t even make it out of the parking lot. We lightened our load and started hiking our way up, but luckily some people came by in a van and offered us a ride. We met April, her husband (whose name I can’t remember) and fifteen month old Ocean with the most beautiful blue eyes, Zen smile, and chill demeanor I’ve ever encountered.

Then we hiked an EXTREMELY steep hill and set up camp right on the edge of Main Meadow. We went in search of food, and Shut Up And Eat It was serving delicious fucking chicken pot pie.

After Main Circle, we experienced our first Angel Walk.