Look to the skies.

Road Trips

A few nice van life road trip images I found:

Look to the skies.
van life road trip
Image by Neil. Moralee

London street life.
In the Capital traffic is bad, so the use of a bicycle seems like a wise choice, however the London cyclists seem to fall into two groups.

1. The normal sensible commuters…. and
2. The "boy racer / courier " types.

This second group are the bicycle equivalent of "white van man"…. no courtesy, no sense, no rules, no safety.

For these guys pulling in front of cars, riding through red lights, mounting the pavement, all seems to part of the game.
On a recent trip to London I needed to take the car, and coming out in the evening it was dark, I estimate that at least half of the "kamikaze" cyclists didn’t even have lights.

I can only assume as they pay no road tax, have no insurance, don’t have number plates of registration of any kind they feel untouchable in the eyes of the law and this must spread into a contempt for the rules of the road and other road users….

Enough ranting…

The guy in this photograph was fine, courteous and safe,