Sprinter Camper Van images


A few nice sprinter camper van images I found:

My Mercedes Sprinter LWB racevan conversion
sprinter camper van
Image by brizzle born and bred
My part converted racevan, when finished it will combine a living space like in a motorhome or camper van, with a large rear garage to store some form of race vehicle, such as a go kart, race motorbike, track bike, motorcross bike, sidecar etc.

This kind of layout also means for some people that they can use their motorhome as a work van, with the massive rear storage space being kept completely separate from the living area.

This type of layout, with a rear garage area, can also be ideal for many other outdoor activities and sports, for example, mountain biking, canoeing, surfing, cycling, etc.

The most common vans to use as base vehicles for race van are the Mercedes Sprinter/VW Crafter (LT35) and Iveco Daily, mainly because of their size, the Iveco Daily being especially large, with a massive 4.5m rear load space, but other vans can also be used, such as the Ford Transit Jumbo or extra long Relay/Ducato range.

More photo will follow soon.