Tucson / Lazydays KOA 5/10 – Tucson, Arizona


We’ve stayed here for the Gem Show for the last three years, but this will probably be our last year. We grew accustomed to the noise and location (industrial), and the park is very nice and clean, paved roads and concrete pads, power/water/sewer are fine, but the management has significantly decreased their standards over the last year. They now allow unkept permanent residents (trailer park look), teenage kids have angered us and many residents we spoke to (knocking on windows during the night and running away, etc), the wifi hasn’t worked for over a week (finger-pointing going on between KOA and Tengointernet), and the cafe/bar seems to always be inhabited by loud/drunk permanent residents. Considering the number of options in the Tucson area we’ll be looking for a new place to park next year.
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