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Foo dog / Dragon Hoodoo – Mossy Cave Trail – Bryce Canyon National Park
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Image by Al_HikesAZ
My friend’s son is 7 years old and participated in the National Park Junior Ranger Program. In addition to completing tasks in the workbook, the program required that the Junior Ranger attend at least one event. Van Lathen decided on this Mossy Cave hike. I actually enjoyed the event and learned several things from the Volunteer Ranger who led the event.

Chinese guardian lions, known as Shishi (Chinese: 石獅; pinyin: shíshī; literally "stone lion") or Imperial guardian lion, and often called "Foo Dogs" or "Fu Dogs" in the West, are a common representation of the lion in pre-modern China. Wikipedia

We went on a camping and hiking trip to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.