Mercedes Camper Van images


A few nice mercedes camper van images I found:

JAC Sunray Camper from Shanghai, China
mercedes camper van
Image by peterolthof

So this is quite amazing. When we arrived at the camping we’ve got new neighbours.. I looked and saw that they where from China!!

Ofcourse I wanted to spot it, and after the front photo I saw the owners.

And we talked for a while… They drove from Shanghai, what is about 10.000 KM.

They people also wanted to drive all the way to Poland.

Really cool, and they were just the two of them, not traveling with others. It seemed that they also went to Copenhagen.

About the car:
The Sunray is a van and minibus built by Jianghuai Auto (JAC). A lookalike of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, it was first released in late 2010. According to official description, the exterior of Sunray was designed by JAC’s office in Turin, Italy, while its team in Tokyo, Japan, was responsible for styling the interior, with engineering and testing carried out in Hefei, Anhui, where the company is based.