Type 2 VW Camper ‘Voyager’ Outdoor fitted Car Cover


Type 2 VW Camper ‘Voyager’ Outdoor fitted Car Cover

  • Tailored cover designed for Type 2 VW Camper
  • All year round outdoor cover suitable for all temperatures & climates
  • Light yet very strong construction made from high grade polyester that is highly resistant to sunshine/uv damage. Ideal for daily driven cars
  • Water resistant fabric works well to keep your car protected, elastic hems, detachable underbody straps, UK designed
  • Unique design made just for this model. Includes fitted door mirror pockets & strong zipped storage bag

This All Year Lightweight fitted car cover is compact, portable & ideal for indoor or outdoor use. A great water resistant, lightweight yet durable cover that protects from rain, dust, dirt, tree sap, birds and scratches. Although this car cover is lightweight, it is made from a very strong, durable reflective material that is 100% ultra violet protected, stops paintwork from fading and keeps the car cool in hot climates. With these qualities, this is the car cover we recommend for hot regions. The Voyager car cover is tailored to your exact vehicles make, model and year – not just the usual 3 sizes that some car cover sellers offer. It has heavy duty elastic hems around the front and back ensuring a snug fit and comes complete with detacha
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